The BEAKON Mission Partnership has been formed by the Anglican churches of The Church of the Good Shepherd (Kirk Sandall & Edenthorpe), The Church of St Peter and St Paul (Barnby Dun), and the Church of St Leonard and St Mary (Armthorpe).

Our name

‘BEAKON’ is made up of the initials of each of the parishes we serve. It is a play on the word ‘beacon’ which denotes something which receives light and passes on light.

Our vision

The BEAKON Churches are about receiving light and sharing light: Receiving the light of Christ and sharing that light with others. We do that by praying and worshipping together, by listening and learning together and by serving our communities together so that more and more people will come to know the love of God for themselves.

What we do

We worship together on a number of occasions through the year: e.g. Church Differently services, Holy Week services, and a celebration service at Pentecost. Our church leaders meet together every week to pray for the communities we serve across our parishes. Each year we join together for a prayer walk across the three parishes, praying for everyone who lives in each area. We hold regular social events to bring people closer together socially as well as discipleship courses to draw us together spiritually.

We celebrate the distinctive character of each of these churches and rejoice in their unique ministries and in the diversity they bring to this Mission Partnership. We are committed to continuing to nurture the individual character of each church and our partnerships with other local churches.

We are three Church of England churches working in partnership: the BEAKON Mission Partnership.