Armthorpe – History

Welcome to the church of St Leonard & St Mary, where people have worshipped for over a 1000 years.


Armthorpe is a very ancient settlement – the remains of a roman villa and farm were found on Nutwell Lane. Through the centuries Armthorpe was known for its rich farming.

By the 11th century Armthorpe was a well established community. In the time of Edward the Confessor (1042-1066) it boasted a lord of the manor, Ulchel, and also a priest, Ernuin.

Ernuin was favoured at the Court of Edward. In addition to his possessions at Armthorpe he also held lands in the counties of Lincoln and Nottingham. He must also have found favour with the Normans, for after the Conquest he not only continued as priest but became lord of the manor.