Discover the heart of Christianity for yourself

More than any other world faith, Christianity is about a person. The life and teachings of Jesus have had a profound impact on our society, whether we’re Christians or not. Today this humble carpenter from a quiet corner of the Roman empire has millions of followers across the world – from Doncaster, to Dubai, Durban, Dhaka and beyond. So who was he, really?

You’re invited to discover the evidence

We try to make our Sunday services as accessible as possible but you may still have lots of questions which you don’t have answers to or you don’t feel you can ask. As its name suggests, Christianity Explored is a chance to investigate the heart of the Christian faith by looking first-hand at what the eye-witnesses have to say about Jesus.

It is a short course that many have found really helpful and looks at both our key questions, and also God’s answers to them. There is plenty of opportunity for discussion and no pressure to do anything like read aloud or pray. Everyone’s welcome to join whether you’re entirely new to the Christian faith, or would just like a bit of a refresher.

It’s a 6-week course meeting for 1-hour each week, and some of the topics we’ll look at are:
1. Who is Jesus?
2. What’s gone wrong with the world?
3. Why does he say I need a rescuer? (and how can I be saved?)
4. What does it mean to follow Jesus?

The course is fun and informal, with plenty of (Yorkshire) tea and coffee! Better still, it’s completely free of charge.

To find out more or sign up, click here

You can also visit the Christianity Explored website, or contact Tom to find out when the next course will run.