We’re so sorry for your loss and want to do all we can to help

No matter what the circumstances, death shakes us to the core. It seems so wrong, and it is! We long for comfort, but we don’t know where to look. Can God really help when we’re overwhelmed with grief?

The death of a loved on is one of the most difficult things we face and a funeral marks the end of a person’s life here on earth. Many people want to mark the death of a loved one with a service at their local church.

As well as arranging the practicalities of the service, as a church family we’ll be praying for you and are available both before and afterwards with pastoral care and to help with any practical needs.

We’ve put together a little resource many have found helpful as they grieve.

As well as this, we really recommend two small booklet: Grief: Finding Hope Again and On My Way to Heaven.

Everyone who lives in the parish is entitled to a Christian funeral service at church and burial in the churchyard should they wish.

The first step in arranging a funeral is to contact a local funeral director.  You might like to look at:

BA Wright & Son, Fishlake
You can call them on 01302 841296.

Wades Funeral Service, Doncaster
You can call them 01405 812966.

Nigel Goodwin Funeral Directors, Doncaster
You can visit their website or call 01302 789788.

Coop Funeralcare, Doncaster
You can visit their website or call 01302 342801.

Armitage Funeral Services, Thorne
You can visit their website or call 01405 812202.

Ryans and Foy Funeralcare, Doncaster
You can visit their website or call 07824 773646.