A huge congratulations on your engagement to be married!

Whether you’re just dreaming of a church wedding, or well into the planning already, we want to do all we can to help and support youand have a great team of people would you love to help you think about your big day and the lifetime of marriage beyond that.

We believe marriages work best when they are founded on the love that God has shown us in Jesus, and we want to help couples understand that love as they prepare for their marriage.

There’s loads of helpful information online, but you might like to start by looking at the Church of England’s dedicated site for all you need to know.

We encourage those investigating Christian faith to attend Christianity Explored course with us. We work closely with couples to ensure they are well prepared for the wedding and also for all the changes that marriage will bring to their lives. We are here to support couples before and after marriage in prayer and in any other way that we can.

To find out more or book your special day with us, please contact the church on 01302 882861. We’d love to hear from you.